Craig Glidden, General Motors Executive Vice President and General Counsel, will join LegalRnD on October 11th to speak about how corporate legal departments have changed over time and the implications for lawyers and law students. He is well known as a legal industry as both a leader and an innovator.

Mr. Glidden argues that the evolution and influence of corporate legal departments in shaping the modern legal services industry is too significant to be ignored by law students or law schools.[1] In his talk at MSU Law, he will discuss technology, innovation, and how they are changing legal practice. LegalRnD students are familiar with his writings on data-driven law practice, such as using decision trees, comparing “intuitive” and “quantitative” models for decision making and managing legal risk.[2]

At GM, Mr. Glidden leads a team of attorneys and professionals who serve GM’s regional and functional teams in more than 30 countries. Before joining GM, he was chief legal officer for LyondellBasell, one of the world’s largest plastics, chemicals and refining companies. According to GM CEO, Mary Barra, “Craig Glidden has had a distinguished career managing complex legal issues around the world, and his broad legal and senior management expertise fits perfectly with our strategic priorities and plans for global growth.”[3]

A recent article identified MSU Law LegalRnD as the number one law school at the forefront of emerging technologies.[4] LegalRnD’s engagement with the legal industry and hosting of industry leaders like Mr. Glidden is one of the reasons why.[5] We are incredibly excited to welcome Mr. Glidden and look forward to seeing you there!

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